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General terms and conditions

Date 2nd of May 2020

The portal, operated by the Alpinsta Marketing des Lukas Clara, and hereinafter referred to as “Helpilingo”. The Helpilingo course consists of different packages of private lessons and is hereinafter referred to as “course”. Students are hereinafter referred to as customers, respectively “The customer”. 

1. Technical requirements for course participation 

a) Skype or Zoom account (in some cases, if the wish of the customer, WhatsApp calls)
b) computer with a working webcam, speakers and a microphone
c) a stable Internet connection with at least 20,000 Kbit / s upload capacity 

2. Free trial lesson 

If the customer is offered a free trial lesson, this lesson will be completely free provided that the customer used a valid gift code or was told specifically via Email that he or she will not have to pay for the trial lesson. If not the cost is of 1€ (to cover the costs).

3. Registration, prices and billing 

All prices are in Euros. The customers’ course registration is definitive after the registration through Helpilingo’s course registration from. The course price must be paid before the customer starts his or her course with Helpilingo. Payment is done via bank transfer, Paypal or Credit Card. This allows Helpilingo to pay their appreciated teachers in time. The customer must cover possible transaction or bank fees. 

5. Course location and course timing
The private lessons take place exclusively online via Skype or Zoom. The tutors are located abroad and sometimes in areas where the internet connection can drop. Helpilingo checks beforehand that the tutor has a stable internet connection for the classes, but even those internet connections can drop sometimes due to several problems like power cuts. In such cases the tutor will make up for lost time. The customer can decide whether adding the lost time to the next lesson or just retry a bit later.

6. Change of course schedule 

After the course registration Helpilingo agrees with the customer on a course slot for private lessons (time and weekday). The time of the course is maintained for the duration of the course. It can be modified 48 hours before the course date with the consent of Helpilingo,
the customer as well as the tutor. If these conditions are not adhered to and the customer missed the private lessons, he is not entitled to repeat the class nor is he entitled to a refund. 

7. Special rules for group activities

a) Group activities are an additional offer, which Helpilingo provides sporadically. Helpilingo 

does not guarantee the organization/carrying out of any group activities. 

b) Special Conditions for Participation: Helpilingo reserves the right to formulate for certain group activities specific Conditions of Participation. These include in particular, but not only, the maximum number of participants and to RSVP before a given deadline. If special participation conditions are not met, the customer has no right to participate in the relevant group activity. 

d) Costs: Some group activities are free others might cost a fee. The care provided by the Helpilingo guide during the group activity is included in the price of the group activity. Any other activity related to the costs are borne by the customer, including, in particular, but not only: Entrance fees, food and beverages, public transportation tickets, travelling costs and other costs. 

e) Helpilingo decides of group activities. The customer has no power over participation in specific group activities. 

f) When participating in the group activities insurance of the customer is of the customer’s responsibility. Participation in group activities is at the customer’s risk. 

8. Course cancelation 

In case of cancelation by the customer after the definitive registration, the customer isn’t entitled to any kind of refund. Helpilingo provides in this case, the possibility to interrupt the course and to continue at a later time. If the course is canceled by Helpilingo the customer is entitled to a refund equal to the value of the unused lessons. 

10. Technical problems 

Like underlined in point 5, Helpilingo cannot guarantee that the connection via Skype or Zoom will hold on during the private lessons without interference and / or interruptions. When this occurs, no refund or non- payment of the lesson can be claimed by the customer. Although the lost time is made up for by the tutor.

11. Warranty and liability 

Helpilingo does not guarantee the achievement of educational goals, such as specific language certificates. Helpilingo accepts no liability in case of non-realization of objectives. 

For damages in connection with benefits promised by courses, due to defects or other reasons, which are due to the present contractual relationship, is a liability expressly excluded to the extent permitted by law. 

12. Jurisdiction 

Only the Italian law is applicable, as regards the contractual relationship between the customer and Helpilingo. The application of legal norms of other countries is excluded. The jurisdiction is that of Bolzano/Bozen.